Santa Cruz, CA and Boston, MA (June 8, 2000): InDefense, Inc. and TECH CORPS®announced today a joint initiative supporting increased protection and data security for computers in schools. Expanding its 1999 contribution, InDefense is donating thousands of copies of Achilles’Shield™, its advanced malicious code protection system software, to TECH CORPS member schools. Non-member K-12 schools will also be able to take advantage of a special educational rate.

TECH CORPS is a national, not-for-profit organization founded in 1995 by Gary J. Beach, senior vice president of International Data Group and publisher of CIO magazine. TECH CORPS’ vision is to improve the quality of education nationwide in all public and private K-12 schools through support for educational technology initiatives. Presently, TECH CORPS maintains chapters in 32 states and the District of Columbia.

Karen Smith, Executive Director of TECH CORPS states, “We are pleased that InDefense is continuing our working relationship in this manner. Achilles’Shield has saved our data from computer virus threats on several occasions. Because it doesn’t require constant updating, we get great protection with less effort and less worry. We are excited about being able to continue providing our chapter offices and our member schools with a high quality product such as Achilles’Shield.”

Steve Garfink, CEO of InDefense Inc., said “TECH CORPS is fulfilling an extremely important need that currently exists in our nation’s schools, and we are proud to support TECH CORPS in the fulfillment of their mission. Our advanced protection systems are an ideal solution for schools because our technology does not require virus signature updates. Because Achilles’Shield stops malicious code by its behavior, it protects a PC from new viruses. That translates into more protection and less maintenance. We are providing schools with the most comprehensive anti-virus and malicious detection and protection available in the industry today.”

Any school or district may become a member of TECH CORPS by registering online at There is no registration fee, and membership qualifies schools and districts to receive assistance from TECH CORPS to develop and manage their education technology and in training educators and students to use that technology. New and current TECH CORPS member schools will receive an email notification with instructions on how to order their member discounted Achilles’Shield licenses online. Non-member K-12 schools may also take advantage of an educational discount by ordering directly from InDefense at

In 1999, InDefense donated over 2,000 licenses for InDefense Virus Protection to TECH CORPS member schools and volunteers. The expanded national donation will make 1,000 free Achilles’Shield licenses per state available to schools through TECH CORPS’ state chapters. After the initial donation of 1,000 licenses per state is reached, TECH CORPS member schools may continue to order licenses directly from InDefense, at a member-school discount of $1 per license, with 25% of every order donated at no charge. Any school or school district may become a TECH CORPS member school by registering online, and there is no registration fee.

“While we want to encourage schools to consider joining TECH CORPS, we also want to support those who are not members,” said Therese Padilla, VP of Marketing and Sales. “We are offering Achilles’Shield to any K-12 school at a discounted price of $5 per license, with 10% of their licenses donated free.” Schools can order directly from InDefense at The estimated retail price for a single license purchase is $79.00, and multi-user network pricing ranges from $20-25/unit.

Achilles’Shield employs the patented InDefense technology which recognizes malicious behavior as it occurs in a computer’s operating system, in contrast to the signature recognition technology used by other leading anti-virus products, which detects viruses from their signatures left behind as a result of the virus’ activity. One major advantage of Achilles’Shield over signature recognition products is the independence from the need for an update as each new virus is on the attack. The InDefense technology detects, and stops, a potential virus before it activates itself and corrupts your computer data. Achilles’Shield can be used as a stand-alone virus detection and data protection application, or in conjunction with signature recognition protection products.

About InDefense, Inc.
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