Teachers recognized for successfully integrating technology into the classroom

Atlantic City, NJ-June 23, 1999-TECH CORPS recognized teachers for the creative use of technology during the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) conference in Atlantic City.

Nominees were selected by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), a national leader in supporting teachers and technology, and presented to TECH CORPS for evaluation. Using criteria based on creativity, innovation, the broadly infused use of technology in the classroom, and the mentoring of other teachers, TECH CORPS identified two truly outstanding teachers.

“TECH CORPS is pleased to recognize the efforts of individuals who have used technology to improve teaching and learning in their classrooms,” said Karen Smith, executive director of TECH CORPS. “These award-winning educators have enhanced student performance by incorporating technology into many subject areas, and by expanding technology in K-12 schools within their communities.”

Award Recipients

Carolyn McCarthy, Special Education Teacher, Lakeview High School, Michigan, has been teaching special education students for eight years. Carolyn brings learning alive by using technology to maximize real-life experiences for her students. Recently, her efforts were realized for a ’98 graduate who was hired at the Federal Center to work with government computers. When this student entered 9th grade, he had no computer experience at all. By the end of his senior year, he had gained the skills to help teach a multimedia summer course for teachers, tutor community members, and help create a multimedia CD-ROM.

Another example of how Carolyn implements technology into the curriculum was the development of an English Mastery Practice CD-ROM, created and sold by her Applied Economics class. This product helps students prepare for the required English Mastery test administered by the school. Throughout product development, students worked with ClarisWorks, PhotoShop, Publisher, Word, and a spreadsheet. To date, the student company, Media Maverick, Inc., has sold CDs to parents, other students, and the Sylvan Learning Centers.

Scott Kirst, Physics and Science Teacher, Oconto Falls High School, Wisconsin, has improved the quality of education by using technology in his own teaching, and by helping other teachers incorporate technology in their classrooms. “Scott is the best hire I’ve made in my 40-year career in education,” said his principal. Scott has also participated in district-, regional-, and state-level technology planning initiatives to improve the quality of education.

Examples of Scott’s creativity with technology include the development of a high school astronomy course, which became so popular it is now being taught over a local Distance Learning Network to three other schools.

Scott makes extensive use of the Internet and other electronic resources when teaching his physics and science classes. He provides technology training and ongoing support to teachers and staff members on the use of computers and various software programs. Scott also serves on the district-wide technology committee, and assists the district with its long-range technology goals.

Industry Partners Honor Award Recipients

Since its inception, TECH CORPS has partnered with industry leaders to advance the use of technology in schools. In support of TECH CORPS’ goals, the following companies have contributed equipment awards for the teachers that included:

a Cisco Micro Webserver, an Internet appliance that provides an all-in-one web partner, and
a Gateway Solo 2500-portable laptop computer with integrated floppy and CD-ROM drive.
NECC provides education professionals with an annual forum to learn, exchange and survey the most current advances made in the field of education technology.

TECH CORPS is a national nonprofit dedicated to enhancing K-12 education through the effective use of technology in classrooms. TECH CORPS is building a national network of volunteers to help schools with technology planning, wiring, computer installation, teacher training, mentoring, and ongoing technical support.