America's Students Need a Technologically Advanced Education Today To Compete in the Workforce of Tomorrow

Not all of our schools have the technological resources to enrich the education of today’s students to adequately prepare them for the fierce competition that they will face as members of tomorrow’s workforce.

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TECH CORPS was created to address this challenge. Building on the Peace Corps paradigm of progress through personal service, CIO publisher Gary Beach founded TECH CORPS in 1995 as a national nonprofit that would challenge Americans to help build the technology infrastructure of our nation’s schools. Today, thanks to thousands of technology professionals who responded to the call, TECH CORPS volunteers are helping put new technologies to effective use in schools, and communities across the nation.

You, too,can be a part of this outstanding organization. You can register your school or school district to become a TECH CORPS site. You can become a volunteer and share your passions, knowledge and skills to help schools use today’s technologies. Or your company can become a state or national corporate sponsor and help to bring technology into America’s classrooms. Learn more about us by exploring our web site.

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TECH CORPS National Sponsors

TECH CORPS is pleased to work with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in their efforts to locate and recover missing children, promote child protection, and educate students on the safe use of the Internet.

We support the following organizations:

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Legit or Scam provides trustworthy web reviews.

AcademicGames allows children to play and compete in a variety of educational and academic games.

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