Get Involved

Get Involved

By the time you’ve landed on this page, we want you to be thinking, “How can I get involved?” But if you’re still wondering why you should get involved with TECH CORPS, the reasons are compelling.

The need to integrate technology into our classrooms is real and immediate for students, for schools, for the technology community and ultimately for the nation.

  • Only 6% of all wired schools have the trained personnel to actually put technology to use in the curriculum
  • Without training and help, teachers cannot use technology – whether donated or purchased – to its fullest extent in instruction or as a management tool
  • Students from low-income families have no home technology to supplement the classroom
  • Student technology skills at graduation are lacking, which exacerbates the workforce shortage in the information technology industry
  • Without a strong IT industry, our country will not be able to compete successfully in the global marketplace

The big picture is daunting, but the problem can be solved one individual, one classroom, one state, one company at a time. Your involvement counts.

As a TECH CORPS volunteer you’ll gain the satisfaction of knowing that, with your time and expertise, you are making a significant contribution to the education of today’s youth. You’ll see how sharing your technological know-how can help students raise their school achievement levels and acquire the life and workforce skills to help them succeed in the future.

As a TECH CORPS school, you will finally get the help you need to fully harness the power of today’s technology in your classrooms. And as an added bonus, you’ll reap the benefits of the exchange of new ideas and different viewpoints that a collaboration with business and the technology industry can bring.

As a TECH CORPS state chapter, you’ll benefit from the established framework and experience of the national organization, with the autonomy to address the unique educational needs of your own communities. Through the fTECH CORPS nationwide network, you’ll get a look at what other states are doing and receive national programs that you can offer in your own classrooms.

As a TECH CORPS state or national corporate sponsor, you will join your peers, your customers and your potential customers in investing in your future workforce. Whether through collaborative grants or employee volunteers, your corporate dollars will be leveraged many times over in the work of talented individuals who are willing to share their expertise with schools.

Your involvement in TECH CORPS is an opportunity to invest in a solution. It is an opportunity, through a nationwide organization, to have an impact on schools that far exceeds any that we can have individually. It is an opportunity to leverage multiple resources to ensure technologically literate teachers and students – our workforce of tomorrow.

Be the solution. Get involved.