Las Vegas, NV (November 15, 1999)__TECH CORPS, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to helping K-12 schools with their technology efforts, honored its national sponsors at COMDEX Fall ’99. With the help of Compaq Computer Corporation, Cisco Systems, Intel, and MCI WorldCom, programs such as techs4schools, an online mentoring project, webTeacher, an Internet training tool, and CyberEd, a technology bus, reach K-12 classrooms free of charge.

Visit the TECH CORPS staff in Booth L7247 and join as a corporate sponsor.

Compaq Computer Corporation
Compaq’s commitment as one of TECH CORPS’ national sponsors complements the company’s interests in using technology to enhance the quality of K-12 education across the country.

“Compaq is proud to be a national sponsor of TECH CORPS and an active participant-through grants of cash and equipment and hundreds of employee volunteers-in helping schools enhance the value of technology in educating America’s children.

Throughout its history, Compaq has contributed significant resources to help improve the quality of education in schools across the country. Our focus has been directed specifically to enhance educational opportunities for teachers and students. Our support of TECH CORPS’ techs4schools program presents us with another unique opportunity to further Compaq’s commitment to that effort.”

Michael D. Capellas,President and CEO
Compaq Computer Corporation

Cisco Systems, Inc.
Cisco provides networking solutions that connect people, computing devices and computer networks, allowing people to access or transfer information without regard to differences in time, place or type of computer system.

“Cisco shares TECH CORPS’ commitment to training and the effective use of the Internet in all areas of education. We believe technology is changing the way people learn. We look forward to working together to integrate networking technology in schools across the country. Cisco is proud to build on its tradition of supporting education by becoming a national sponsor of TECH CORPS.”

Kevin Warner, Senior Manager
Education Market Development
Cisco Systems

Intel programs focus on meeting the needs of students and communities worldwide through improving science, math, engineering and technology education, and broadening access to technology and technical careers. Intel, the world’s largest chipmaker, is also a leading manufacturer of computer, networking and communications products.

“Intel supports TECH CORPS’ commitment to education. We share a common drive to support the education system through a focus on improving the effective use of technology in classrooms.”

Peter Broffman
Executive Director Intel Foundation

MCI WorldCom
MCI WorldCom is a proud sponsor of TECH CORPS. MCI WorldCom is committed to delivering integrated communications solutions for its customers’ business and personal needs. With its pioneering role in the development of the Internet, MCI WorldCom’s leadership has helped our nation’s schools and communities share the benefits of the far-reaching information revolution. MCI WorldCom is dedicated to educating America’s families and children through cutting edge technology.

“The mentoring and teaching that TECH CORPS offers matches perfectly with MCI’s mission of enhancing education through technology.”

Caleb Schutz
Director MCI Foundation