TECH CORPS has designed numerous categories of participation to meet a variety of corporate needs. Sponsorships are available at the national and/or state levels.

As a national sponsor, your company, foundation or organization will receive:

  • a public announcement of your sponsorship and continued national recognition in TECH CORPS publications and press materials and at all TECH CORPS events.
  • recognition on the World Wide Web through a prominent listing on the national TECH CORPS homepage-some levels of sponsorship also include a hyper-link to your own homepage
  • consideration for a seat on the TECH CORPS Board of Directors or the TECH CORPS Technology Partners Council.
  • the right to identify yourself as a TECH CORPS sponsor and use the TECH CORPS logo on your corporate materials.
  • the opportunity to gain recognition with thousands of volunteers and schools nationwide.

As a State Sponsor, your company, foundation, or organization will receive:

  • recognition on the World Wide Web by being listed on your state’s TECH CORPS Home Page as a state sponsor and by having a pointer to your own Home Page.
  • consideration for a seat on your state’s TECH CORPS Task Force.
  • the right to use TECH CORPS‘ state logo in your corporate materials.

To learn more about how your company, foundation, or organization can become a corporate sponsor, or how you can become an individual sponsor, please register your interest. A representative from TECH CORPS will contact you right away! (Additional questions about sponsorship may be e-mailed to the TECH CORPS offices at

TECH CORPS would be happy to assist your company with the dissemination of hardware, software, or services you wish to donate to schools. Please check the appropriate category when you contact us.