Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


TECH CORPS is a national registered nonprofit organization dedicated to improving K-12 education at the grassroots level by helping educators effectively use technology in their schools. TECH CORPS supports the advancement of equal access to technology, technological resources and skills development for students across America.

What types of services and resources do you provide?

The heart of TECH CORPS is our volunteers. Volunteers provide technical support, training, and mentoring for teachers and students, both in person and online. But both schools and volunteers need resources to work with. So, in addition to rallying and connecting volunteers, TECH CORPS rallies companies who partner with us to create supplementary resources for schools. Click here to learn more about TECH CORPS‘ other projects.

Who supports TECH CORPS?

TECH CORPS is supported through volunteerism and donations of cash, equipment, and services from individuals, corporations, and foundations. This support is provided at the local, state, and national level. National sponsors include Cisco Systems, Compaq Computer Corporation, Intel Corporation, MCI Worldcom, MediaOne, and the National Cable Television Association.

How can I become a TECH CORPS volunteer?

Anyone with technology expertise or training who is willing to donate their time can become a TECH CORPS volunteer by registering on our website. If you have technical expertise that you want to share, click here to get registered to volunteer in your local schools. If you would like to be an online volunteer, complete the registration form.

How can I get TECH CORPS volunteers in my schools?

If you would like to get local volunteers working in your school or district, register with TECH CORPS.

Are there ways I can help other than volunteering?

Yes! TECH CORPS relies on both individual and corporate contributions. In addition to financial or in-kind contributions, you can encourage employees to volunteer by giving them release time from work.

What do I do if TECH CORPS is not in my state?

If your state doesn’t have a chapter you can still become involved with and benefit from TECH CORPS by taking advantage of TECH CORPS‘ free online resources, webTeacher and techs4schools. If you would like to start a chapter, TECH CORPS will provide you with training and materials to help you establish one effectively. Click here to learn more about starting a state chapter.

Who benefits from TECH CORPS’efforts?

Everyone. Students benefit when they gain the rewards of school achievement and life and workforce skills. Schools benefit from the help of individuals who are willing to share their technical knowledge and expertise. Volunteers gain the satisfaction of making a significant contribution to the education of today’s youth. Industry benefits when it can draw on a well-trained workforce of tomorrow. And finally, the nation benefits from an education system that allows us to maintain a competitive edge in the global market.