Child Safety on the Information Highway
A complete safe-surfing kit and collection of information for parents and teachers, complete with clear explainations of the rules, the risks, the products, and the issues.

Keeping Kids Safe
Keeping kids safe on the Internet starts with teaching them the rules of the information highway.

A Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety
An FBI pamphlet designed to help you understand the complexities of on-line child exploitation.

Parent’s Guide to the Internet
The US Department of Education’s Office of Education Technology site, with great information to help parents and teachers make use of the online world as an important educational tool.

Parenting for the Age of Information

Prepare your kids for the information age by raising them with a “change ethic” that thrives on changing opportunities.

Tips for parents and teachers on safeguarding children on the Internet.

SafeKids’ Guidelines for Parents
Quick Internet guidelines for parents and kids.

Surfing the Net with Kids
From the eyes of a fellow parent: site reviews and links for kids and families.