National Programs

National Programs

Through the generosity of our national corporate sponsors, TECH CORPS is able to offer these resources to educators across the country.

Presented in collaboration with the cable television industry (NCTA), webTeacher is a free, self-paced Internet tutorial offered in two sections for basic and in-depth information about the World Wide Web. Created by two teachers from Tennessee and the TECH CORPS webmaster, webTeacher is a training tool that’s useful for anyone, but specifically designed for teachers. In addition to the training materials on how to use the Internet and how to integrate advanced technologies into student learning, the program includes information on Internet safety, cable modem technology, cable’s ongoing commitment to education, the Universal Service Fund and other educational funding opportunities, cable-provided educational resources and other useful links to educational information.

Developed in partnership with Compaq Computer Corporation, techs4schools is an online mentoring program that connects educators with volunteer industry experts who provide technology advice and support. The program harnesses the power of the World Wide Web to deliver personalized, one-on-one technical help and counsel to teachers and schools regardless of geographic or demographic barriers. It vastly increases the number of volunteer experts who can help teachers and schools and reaches out to fill the void for technical advice and assistance at schools for which face-to-face mentoring would be impossible. Click here to learn more about techs4schools.

Living Legacy Virtual Community
With the beginning of the new millennium, Intel Corporation is taking advantage of this unique moment in time to sponsor the Living Legacy Virtual Community (LLVC) project. Through the program, Intel provides the tools (software, scanner and PC camera) to encourage high school students across the country to construct oral histories and digital documents that tell the story of their respective communities. Selection of the participating schools – one per state – is facilitated by the TECH CORPS state chapters. The resulting documentaries will then be available to the public online.

With the widespread dissemination of LLVC into thousands of communities, the patchwork of our country’s history can be stitched together into a living history of our nation as a whole as it moves into the next century.

TECH CORPS/AmeriCorps*VISTA Member Positions
There is a great “digital divide” between schools in low-income communities and those in middle/high income areas. Only 6% of all wired schools have the trained personnel to actually put technology to use in the curriculum. As a TECH CORPS/ AmeriCorps*VISTA member, you can use your knowledge about the Internet and other computer technologies to help educators increase the impact of their teaching in communities where students might otherwise not have access.

TECH CORPS/AmeriCorps*VISTA positions require a commitment of at least12 months and members are expected to focus their attention and activity on increasing the penetration of TECH CORPS and its services in schools. Among other duties, members will provide leadership in recruiting, training and organizing volunteers and in identifying and securing resources. TECH CORPS/AmeriCorps*VISTA members are eligible for a financial Education Award, a Living Allowance, forbearance of and/or payment of accrued interest on qualifying student loans, health insurance and child care assistance. Candidates must be 18 years of age or older, and should have a working knowledge of technology, education and business and an ability to bring the three together creatively in support of school technology efforts.

Teaching with Technology Grant Program
Sponsored by Compaq Computer Corporation and offered in partnership with TECH CORPS, the Teaching with Technology Grant Program rewards United States teachers who make innovative, exemplary and replicable classroom use of computer-based technologies and online resources.

Applications may be submitted through April 15, 2000 and will be judged on the creative use of technology in the classroom in one or more of the following areas: Internet/Web-based projects, Distance learning initiatives, Presentation and publishing applications, Interactive learning or other computer applications such as database, word processing, etc. Projects must demonstrate a systematic approach to integrating technology so that it improves both teaching and learning.

And finally, applicants must provide quantitative or qualitative data to support all claims. The program will produce winners in three separate rounds of judging. Round One, the statewide competition, will award a Compaq computer to support technology initiatives in the classroom to one winner per state. Each state winner will then go on to Round Two. Round Two is a regional competition that will give one winner in each of the nine regions a server to support his or her classroom initiative and the opportunity to proceed to Round Three. In Round Three, three national winners will be chosen and sent to the June 2000 NECC with a stipend to attend the conference.