Family Click
As a leading Online Service Provider (OSP) and a destination site at which families can find top-quality online content, FamilyClick helps families experience the benefits of the online world without being subjected to offensive content.

Provides Internet filtering based on the “CyberNOT” list of restricted sites. The restricted list is updated automatically through a subscription service every week. Objectionable words or categories can be excluded.

Cyber Snoop
Shows which Internet sites have been visited by monitoring on-line activity. Unauthorized attempts to disable monitoring components will shut down the computer. Suspect sites can be pre-screened through any browser and added to the list of excluded sites, and full Internet Blocking is optional.

Filters and blocks adult oriented material, graphics and language from Internet news-groups, chat areas, Web sites and e-mail, and can block access and/or report attempted activities. The list of inappropriate sites is updated daily and downloaded online.

You decide what is inappropriate by defining and editing a “starter” dictionary, and the system screens for your user-defined words, phrases, and content. The system can be configured to report access attempts, block the site, close the program, and/or shut down the computer.