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Ms. Karen W. Smith
Executive Director
Tech Corps
P.O. Box 832
Sudbury, MA 01776-0832

Dear Karen,

It is my pleasure to convey to you the support and endorsement of the Board of Directors of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) for the U.S. Tech Corps. At its fall meeting of December 3-4, 1995 the Board unanimously approved a resolution of support.

Not only are the members of our Board persuaded that Tech Corps is a really positive effort to bring the skill and expertise of untold thousands of volunteers into schools, but representatives of our Organizational Affiliates (OAs) are convinced, as well, that this endeavor offers real benefits to the schools of our nation. Since the OAs are distributed throughout the country, they will be (some already are) resources and facilitators that will enable the Tech Corps to more effectively fulfill its mission.

As I indicated in our conversations, ISTE would be delighted to provide some information to our members through articles that appear in two of our publications: Learning & Leading with Technology and Update. We look forward to receiving information from you that we can include in upcoming issues of both.

In addition to the publicity and the involvement of ISTE members directly and through our OAs, we would like to find other ways in which we could assist your efforts. For example, perhaps we could provide some of the training that your volunteers might need as they contribute their time and talents to the schools. I hope you will consider this and other areas where ISTE might partner with the Tech Corps in the months ahead.

We look forward to working with you and the Tech Corps volunteers.


David L. Britttain

David Brittain, President David Moursund, Executive Director Dennis L. Bybee, Associate Executive Officer
Executive Board Members: Connie Stout, Secretary Barry Pitsch, Treasurer M.G. (Peggy) Kelly, Past-President Terrie Gray,
At Large Board Members: Kathy Edwards Terry Killion Paul O’Driscoll Lynne Schrum Carla Schutte Gwen Solomon Neal Strudler Harriet Taylor