Secretary of Education Richard Riley Recognized for Dedication to Technology in Education
Four Outstanding Teachers Recognized for Innovative Use of Technology in the Classroom
New York (May 20, 1997) – Secretary of Education Richard Riley and top educators were honored last night in New York City. Secretary of Education Richard Riley received the TECH CORPS’ “Leadership in Technology” award recognizing his personal commitment to today’s students and the effective use of technology in their schools. In addition, four outstanding teachers were recognized for their innovative integration of technology into their classroom and curriculum. The awards were presented at the TECH CORPS Leadership Awards Banquet at the Plaza Hotel. TECH CORPS is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing K-12 education through the effective use of technology in the classroom.
“These awards recognize the amazing cumulative effort of individual citizens, corporate America and state and federal governments to create a generation of more technology savvy children,” said Karen Smith, Executive Director of TECH CORPS. “The effort that these teachers, Secretary Riley, our sponsoring corporations and state leaders have put forth sets a strong example for others to volunteer their time and efforts toward this cause.”
Award Recipients

This year’s Leadership in the Classroom Awards were presented to four K-12 teachers who exemplify how to effectively use technology in the classroom to further students’ education and even, in some cases, change their lives. Award recipients were selected by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), a national leader in supporting teachers and technology. The ISTE judges have extensive experience in evaluating teachers’ implementation of technology in the classroom. Teachers were evaluated on their exemplary, creative, innovative and broadly infused use of technology in their classrooms, as well as their leadership in mentoring other teachers.
Honored teachers include:

Penny Everage: Everage is a third-grade teacher at Shreve Island Elementary School in Shreveport, Louisiana. Among many other accomplishments, Penny designed and implemented “Techno-Safari.” This before-school program allows interested students to learn about computers and the Internet.
Edison Freire: Edison is a bilingual science teacher for an English as a Second Language (ESL) class at Edison/Fareira High School in Philadelphia. Edison uses the Internet to teach his students English and to give them marketable skills.
Kay Greenhaw: A twenty-three year teaching veteran, Kay is a music teacher at Doss Elementary School in Austin, Texas. She has created numerous music education software programs which are now used throughout the district.
Steve Rothenberg: A fifth-grade teacher at Walker School in Concord, New Hampshire, Steve uses technology innovatively to facilitate self-esteem and value in his students.
Corporations Honor the Teachers

Recognizing the importance of these awards and technology in the classroom, major industry corporations have donated gifts for each honored teacher to help them further technology excellence in their classroom. Gifts awarded included:

HiNote Ultra II laptop computer from Digital Equipment Corporation
Polaroid Corporation camera and scanner
Micro Webserver from Cisco Systems
One year of Internet access and e-mail from MCI Communications Corporation
One year honorary membership and resource books from ISTE