Teachers recognized for successfully integrating technology into the classroom

Atlanta, GA-June 27, 2000-TECH CORPS recognized teachers for the creative use of technology during the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) conference in Atlanta.

Nominees were selected by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), a national leader in supporting teachers and technology, and presented to TECH CORPS for evaluation. Using criteria based on creativity, innovation, the broadly infused use of technology in the classroom, and the mentoring of other teachers, TECH CORPS identified two truly outstanding teachers.

“TECH CORPS is pleased to recognize the efforts of individuals who have used technology to improve teaching and learning in their classrooms,” said Karen Smith, executive director of TECH CORPS. “These award-winning educators have enhanced student performance by incorporating technology into many subject areas, and by expanding technology in K-12 schools within their communities.”

Award Recipients

Susan Hedlun Flentie, 8th Grade Science Teacher, Lewistown, MT has used a great deal of technology in all her classrooms, and she truly believes that successful application of technology in the classroom can greatly enhance the learning process. It was with this idea in mind that she led groups of 3rd and 6th graders from Garfield Elementary School on a cooperative research project for which they collected specimens and data from nearby waterways. The information was then shared and compared with other schools around the country utilizing a web site that Suzie built for the project.

One of the projects Suzie’s 8th grade students benefited from involved research of the Chemical Elements in order to create written reports, presentations, and T-shirt designs. This project was a cooperative effort between Science, English, and Art at the Junior High school. Students used a variety of sources, including the Internet and Encarta to gather their information. They also used a variety of technology tools in the creation of their t-shirts and presentations. Students needed to include the chemical symbol, name, atomic number, and atomic mass on the front of the shirt, and the uses of the element on the back. Pat Hould, Principal of Lewistown Junior High School says of her creative use of technology, “Suzy is truly an exemplary educator in every sense of the word, including her fascinating use of technology within her curriculum.”

In addition to her work with students, Suzie was recently awarded the MCCE state award, which was the basis for her nomination to the TECH CORPSĀ® Leadership in the Classroom award. She also serves as a Technology Liaison for her school district providing in-service training to teachers in several schools, as well as teaching classes in technology for Community Adult Education, and serving on several technology-related committees.

Joan Kay Goble, 3rd Grade Teacher, Buddy Site Coordinator, Media Club Sponsor, currently teaches at Cannelton Elementary School in Cannelton, Indiana. Joan will be entering her 20th year of teaching, and says she cannot think of a more exciting time to be a teacher, or a student, than right now. Joan integrates technology in her classroom with the use of word processing, multimedia programs, and other educational software. When the Internet was introduced to her students four years ago, the walls of the classroom opened up and the world became a smaller, friendlier place for her students. Joan started teaming up with educators from other countries and the projects she involved her students in became projects that reach out to students from all over the world.

This past May, Joan’s Media Club students were invited to attend the Millenium International Children’s Conference on the Environment. They presented their work on an environmental project called TENAN, their first international cooperative Internet project that studies endangered species. The trip was supported by Cannelton and surrounding communities.

Along with teaching 3rd grade full time, Joan is also Buddy site coordinator for her school, as well as the school’s Media Club sponsor. She has taken teams of students from her school to Buddy Summer Technology Camps. She is also a member of GET, a Global Educator Team that promotes professional development of educators throughout the world in technology. In addition, Joan is the recipient of numerous awards such as Indiana Computer Teacher of the Year Award; Perry County, Indiana Teacher of the Year, 1997; and Cyberfair ’98 Environmental Awareness 2nd place award for TENAN, just to name a few. Principal of Cannelton Elementary School, Nanette DuPont, says, “Joan has been a leader, not only in Cannelton Schools, but in schools in the surrounding counties, the state and around the world!”

Industry Partners Honor Award Recipients

Since its inception, TECH CORPS has partnered with industry leaders to advance the use of technology in schools. In support of TECH CORPS’ goals, the following companies have contributed equipment awards for the teachers that included:

a Cisco Micro Webserver, an Internet appliance that provides an all-in-one web partner, and
a Compaq Armada portable laptop computer with integrated floppy and CD-ROM drive.
NECC provides education professionals with an annual forum to learn, exchange and survey the most current advances made in the field of education technology.

TECH CORPS is a national nonprofit dedicated to enhancing K-12 education through the effective use of technology in classrooms. TECH CORPS is building a national network of volunteers to help schools with technology planning, wiring, computer installation, teacher training, mentoring, and ongoing technical support.